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Drumming it Dhunn's way

About Dhunn - The Drum Circle

Dhunn- The Drum Circle, is the brain child of two guys, who know nothing but to spread happiness among people and make sure everyone gets a chance to be the musician they once thought to be. Started in 2017, Dhunn has come a long way. From conducting small drum circle sessions in offices to going really huge, literally conducting sessions for as much as 1000 people. We have covered the West and South of India and aim to reach all over the country.

Our main man Dinesh can play over 25 instruments with ease. And every time he comes on stage, it's like watching a masterpiece in the making. In a nutshell, we can say, Dhunn is a team of not two, but all who are associated with it. Even if you have just played the djembe once, we get you on our team! And that's what our aim is - To make each and every person realizes the power of music and to make everyone meet the musician in them.


As we said earlier in our about us section, once you've played the Djembe with us you are on our family. So this is how big our family at present is:

What All We Do ?

A person will only know what he/she is capable of if they push their limits. In our case, we do the same. We are not limited to drum jams at offices, but a lot more events like- Wedding, College Fest, Get- together, Conferences, Flea Market, Music Festivals a few among many others.

Body Percussion - Create sound with your body. Yes that's possible! "Not just any other jam" body percussion is an interactive creative mix of smile, Dance, Tap & clap with your heart out.